quarta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2011

Public Letter to Mr. Harry Potter

Dear Mr. Harry Potter,

I have being watching all your movements, since you were eleven years old. I followed you all of your youngest life, until recently.

I watched the bad way the Dudley’s treated you, but I couldn’t help in any way possible, than I did the only thing I could, I kept watching. I was there when you went to Diagon Alley and I followed you to Gringottes Bank. After I went with you to the book shop, the wand shop, the pet shop and all the other fantastic places.

I went to London train station, on the platform nine and three quarters and took the Hogwarts Express with you. Getting to the school, I became impressed with the architecture of the place, frightened with the ghosts and amazed with the stairs, and how they move all the time.

I went with you to your lessons, and learned some useful spells. I was there when you flew the first time. I played quidditch with you, hunted the golden snitch, and won the first game. The first year came to the end, and I knew, a great danger was coming, and Voldemort, would come back soon.

In the second year, I found the secret chamber with you. In the third year, I met your godfather Sirius, and two years later, we saw he died. I walked with you in the middle of the night in the Forbidden Forest, I followed you under your invisibility cloak through the darks corridors of the school. And after many things that happened I still was there.

In the next year, I played the Triwizard Tournament with you, and in the end I touched the cup and went to the graveyard with you. There we saw your friend be killed, and the return of the dark lord. Together we fought and escaped.

The next year was the worst of your life, everybody thought you are mad and they thought you killed your friend, but I believed in you, and I stayed by your side all the time. I practiced some spells in the room of requirement and took part in Dumbledore’s Army. I hate what Umbridge, the dark art defense teacher of that year did with you, and the back of my hand still is scratching when I think about it.

I was there when you started to hunt the horcruxes, and stayed there after all of them are destroyed. I celebrated when Voldemort was finally killed, and then I knew you would finally live in peace.

But since the end of your last book I haven’t heard anything about you. I would like to invite you to come to my house and have a cup of tea. The roof of the building is flat, this means you can come flying with your broom stick, no problem, or you can apparate if you like, because we haven’t any spell against this magic here, unfortunately, we haven’t got a fireplace, this means, this is the only way of travelling you can’t use to visit us. And bring Ginny too, of course.

If you can’t come soon, please send some news about what you have being doing recently. I heard about your wedding, your kids, and a new job, and I would like to know more about all of them.

Regards to Ron, Hermione, Luna and Neville.

Best wishes,

Mr. Coruja and Ms. Fi Roy.